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About Safidon

Safidon is located in the Jind district of Haryana. It is a municipal committee and headquarters of the Safidon tehsil. Geographically the town can be mapped at 29.42°North and 76.67°East. It is elevated at 221 meters above the sea level. The lies between Panipat and Jind and falls on the Panipat-Jind railway line. The town of Safidon lies 35 Km to the northeast of Jind on the Hansi branch of the Western Yamuna canal. The sub division of Safidon consists of Safidon tehsil with 71 villages and the Pillukhera sub-tehsil. The tehsil is the 50th constituency of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha.

About Safidon

History of Safidon

Safidon once was referred to as Sarpidadhi or the Sarpadevi in Vamana Purana and Mahabharata. It is believed to be a site of snake sacrifice by Janamejaya, son of Parikshit. One can see three ancient temples of Nagesvara Mahadeva, Nagadamni Devi and Nagashetrain Safidon. Evidences of Pre-Harappan Chalcolithic period has also been excavated in Safidon. Many pottery made and used by the people of this community has been recovered from number of places in and around Safidon. These places include, Morkhi, Hatt(Hattkeshawar), Beri Khera and Anta.

During the reign of Firuz Shah Tughlaq (1351-1388) a canal was built to draw water from the River Yamuna which entered the canal from Anta and flowed through Safidon and Jind reaching Hisar, its final destination. During his rule, Safidon was named as Tughluqpur and a separate Iqta was created to put Safidon under his trusted noble Yalkhan. After the death of King Firuz Shah Tughlaq, there were disturbances in the Delhi Sultanate, which resulted in the loss of their power in Jind and safidon. In the year 1398, the northern India was attacked by Timur who entered Haryana via Punjab. He led his march from Kaithal to Panipat . Though the district of Jind was not touched, a few kilometers from Moana to Safidon was attacked. The local people fled the place and the Fort of Safidon was burnt down. In the 18th century Gajpat Singh who was the grandson of Phulkian Misl founder Phul, along with some other confederacies took advantage of the attack by Timur and joined in the attack of Sikhs in the Sirhind province in 1763. The Afghan Governer, Zain Khan was killed in this attack. Gajpat Singh conquered major part of the country as his share of contribution in the attack. His territoty included Jindh and Safidon. In 1966 when the state was Punjab was being reorganized, Sangur district was divided and the thesil sof Jind and Narwana were formed into Jind district and was allocated to the state of Haryana. In 1967, Jind tehsil was further divided into Jind and Safidon tehsils respectively. In January of the year 1973, five villages from the tehsil of Kaithal were transferred to Safidon. Today Jind along with Safidon is aa fast developing region of Haryana.

Demography of Safidon

The population of Safidon is 40,432 out of which 54% are males and 46% are females. The average literacy rate in Safidon is 65% which is 59.5% above the national average. The literacy rate of male population is 71% and that of female population is 58%. The infant population rate is 14% of the total population. The population of Safidon comprises of people from Hindu, Sikh and Jain religion. The minority communities include people from Muslim and Christian religion.

Tourist Attractions in Safidon

There are few places in and around Safidon that has religious and historical importance. The structures that stand in Safidon depict the history of the bygone era. One can see the art and architecture of the dynasties that ruled this region. Some of the must see places in Safidon include;

Ancient Fort at Safidon : The ancient fort of Safidon dates back to 18th century when this region was ruled by the Phulkian family. This is the first ever fort built by the rulers in 1763 AD after the Jind region was made an independent ruling state. In the later years, this fort was used by the military as their cantonment for the Haryana state. The fort is located in the center of the city on the Safidon-Urlana road near the Nag kshetra 'tirth’.

Hatkeswar Teerth : Located at around 10 Km from Safidon is the Panchanada tirtha, Hatkeswar Teerth. This theerth is in the village Hatt which falls on the southwest side of Safidon. This teerth is the abode God Rudra who is believed to remove the sins of people.

Dasasvamedha Tirtha : It is located in Didwara, a village 13 Km to the North of Safidon. A holy dip in the tirtha is said to be equal to ten Ashvamedha sacrifices.

Other places of interest in Safidon include, Nagakshetra temple which is one of the oldest temples in the city, Jain Mandir on MKT committee road, Aruna tirtha in Anta, Parasara tank at Paju Kalan, Suraj Kund in Kalwa, Ramsar park and Shiv Mandi temple in the village of Ratta Khera.

Healthcare in Safidon

Medical facilities are basic essentials of any town. The hospitals in Safidon have sufficient beds and qualified doctors to attend the health problems of people in Safidon. For major ailments and emergency treatments patients have to travel to big cities. And the medical shops in Safidon provide medicines and other supplies to the people of Safidon.

Government Hospital
Address: 22, MN Bazaar, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 262102

Bansal Clinic
Address: Shiv Colony, Gandhi Marg, Safidon- 12611
Phone: (01686) 262263

Dev Nursing Home
Address: 95, Dharoli Road, Safidon- 126113
Phone: (01686) 268214

Maya Sagar Clinic
Address: 188, Railway Road, Safidon- 126113
Phone: (01686) 262332

Joginder Singh Clinic
Address: Safidon Mandi, Railway Road, Safidon- 126113
Phone: (01686) 262527

Sehrawat Hospital
Address: Railway Road, Safidon, Jind, 126112
Phone: 9416 644012

Geeta Ram Memorial
Address: New Bus Stand Rd, Safidon, Jind - 126112
Phone: 8950251785

Government Hospital Blood Bank
Address: 22, MN Bazaar, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 262102

Government Hospital Ambulance
Address: 22, MN Bazaar, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 262102

Labs & Diagnostic Centre

Government Hospital Laboratory
Address: 22, MN Bazaar, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 262102

Chemist Shops in Safidon

Sanjay Medical Hall
Address: Opposite Civil Hospital, Safidon, Jind - 126112,
Phone: 9896356211

Matta Medical Store
Address: Anarkali Bazar Street, Safidon, Haryana 126112
Gupta medical store
Address: 107, Gohana Road, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 268486

Patanjali Arogya Kendra
Address: Main Market M C Complex, Safidon, Jind - 126112,
Phone: 9467121728, 9416774686

Utilities Services in Safidon

Economic and social development of a town totally depends on the utilities and services offered by the local government body. Quality and effective public utility services are vital,to eradicate poverty. The local governing body is responsible to ensure that all the residents have access to the utilities and services. There should not be any discrimination under any circumstances. Electricity, water, sewage, infrastructure, telecom all come under the utilities and services offered by the government. All the needs of the consumers should be met on time and there should not be any delay. In developing nations, the utilities and services are mainly available only in the urban areas. Safidon is one of fastest developing towns of Haryana. The local municipality of Safidon and other institutions offering public services work hard to meet the needs of the people by providing quality services.

Whether it is to issue an Aadhar card, or an LPG connection, a transaction in bank or the postal services, everything is available to the residents of Safidon. The town planning commission of Safidon is working towards developing the infrastructure of the town by building shopping malls, multiplexes and regularizing some residential localities. There is also plan to establish a fire station and give training to the fire fighters and maintain highly equipped fire vehicles. The piped water connections supply drinking water to the people of Safidon. The garbage is cleaned up regularly baby the tractors and trolleys.

Aadhaar Card Center in Safidon

Aadhaar Kendra
Address: Maa Bago Devi Hospital, Shop No-3,
Safidon, Jind, Haryana - 126112
Contact: Darshan Singh
Phone: 9991981981

Police in Safidon

Supritendent of Police, Jind
Sh. Abhishek Jorwal, (IPS)
01681 245285 (O)
01681 245284 (R)
Mob: 8814011500
Email: spjnd@hry.nic.in

SHO PS Safidon
Insp. Dharambir Singh
01681 262011
Mob: 8814011519
Email: shosafidon@hry.nic.in

Shopping in Safidon

There is no special items for which Safidon is famous for. But certainly there are lot more cloth shops, footwear stores and others that makes shopping quite exciting. For a normal residents, Safidon has shops and eatery joints that offer everything that people need on daily basis. The general merchandise stores or the kirana stores as they are known locally are the places where you can find everything you need for your daily life to go on smoothly. From kitchen groceries to toiletries and personal hygiene products, kirana shops sell everything. For school stationery and office and business supplies, there are few book stores. For all the repairs and new additions to your home, there are number of Hardware and electric stores. If you want to look trendy by owing a latest gadget or want to recharge your mobile, go around the mobile and telecommunication stores in Safidon. The electronic stores have huge collection of latest high definition television, refrigerators, air conditioners and other modern appliances that make your daily life easy and comfortable. And when you hit the streets in the evening, you can see small stall being set up that sell street food that are very hard to resist. The streets get bustling with people who are buying and eating food and heading home for the day.

Book Stores in Safidon

Shanti Book Depot
Address: 114, Civil Hospital Road, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 262788

Rai Book Store
Address: 83, Gohana Road, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 268338

Kailash Book Depot
Address: 93, Railway Road, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 262677

Bhagwan Book Depot
Address: 10, Railway Road, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 262698

Hardware & Electricals in Safidon

Dev Electrical Store
Address: 133, Khera Market, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 268341

Amit Machinery Store
Address: 210, Jind Road, Safidon – 126112
Phone: (01686) 262875

Jain Pipe Store
Address: 36, Anaj mandi, Safidon – 126112
Phone: (01686) 262259

Harish Machinery Store
Address: 201, Railway Road, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 265900

General Stores in Safidon

Rinku General Store
Address: 72, Anaj Mandi, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 262799

Goyal Kirana Store
Address: 177, Khera Market, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 269010

Madan Kirana Store
Address: 122, Asand Road, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 263563

Jindal Kirana Store
Address: 19, Railway Road, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 262852

Ambey Kirana Store
Address: 13, Gohana Road, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 268313

Garg General Store
Address: 213, Agrasen Chowk, Safidon Mandi, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 262536

Raja Ram Kirana Store
Address: 11, Hanuman Mandir Road, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 265404

Jayaprakash Traders
Address: 201, Anaj Mandi, Safidon- 126112
Phone: (01686) 262709

Safidon is a small and an important city in the Jind district of Haryana, that has its own charm and history. The temples and ancient fort make Safidon special in its own way. The city has a responsible municipality that is offering quality and efficient utilities and services to the public. The infrastructure is being developed to make Safidon a better place with more emergency service providers and entertainment centers. The local businesses provide goods and services to the people that are required for the day to day functionality. People in Safidon are proud of their city and its history.

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